User can move around the available options in the Support Ticket System by following the roadmap below :

Recommended instructions and steps :

  • Start with a review of the articles contained in the Knowledgebase. Your problem or issue may be a common one and an in-depth article may be available to help solve the issue without even having to submit a TICKET.
  • Create an account ... this will allow you to track ticket status and check for responses ... email responses can oftentimes be mis-directed to SPAM or JUNK folders and get missed for days.
  • Select the type of ticket you wish to submit by selecting the type of form from the CHOOSE YOUR TICKET FORM from the drop down located below the NEW SUPPORT TICKET link.
  • When the form opens ... complete the fields. IMPORTANT ... always include as much information as possible to hasten the appropriate response from the Support Team. Responses like "my software doesn't work" will get nowhere and cause delays and may even be ignored by the system and get flagged as SPAM.

NOTE : Out-of-warranty issues may be followed by a response that includes the requirement to purchase a SUPPORT TICKET. You may be required to purchase a Support Ticket for out-of-warranty support. You can review pricing and options HERE.