A purchase of any KIPWARE® title comes with a LIFETIME LICENSE ... but just what does that really mean? Below are some FAQ's.

  • A lifetime license means that once a purchase is made, the user receives an installation file for the title purchased which is good and can be used according to our guidelines forever with no additional charges incurred.
  • Kipware's Lifetime License is purchased with a one-time only price ... we do not have any monthly fees or yearly maintenance fees EVER ... your lifetime license comes with no additional charges.
  • Your Kipware® purchase comes with -2- seats standard ... meaning you can install the title on -2- separate PC's.

Can additional charges be incurred ... even for a LIFETIME LICENSE?

  • As outlined in all the literature / emails provided at the time of purchase, It is the responsibilty of the user to maintain a copy of the original installation file. This is the most important aspect of your Lifetime License ... you must retain a copy of the original installation file. Once that file is downloaded after your purchase ... make sure to copy the file to a memory stick or some other outside media and retain that in a secure location in case a re-install is needed in the future. Don't leave it on your PC ... if the PC's "crashes" you will not have access to the file. We do not and cannot provide legacy installations ... the only installation we can provide is for the current version of the software. If you do not possess and can't locate your original installation file ... you will be required to purchase an UPGRADE.
  • A resonable number of PC "crashes" are covered ... and maintaining a copy of your original installation file makes getting the software up and running quick and easy. Simply use your original installation file to re-install the software ... request a new Activation Code ... and as long as the client history falls within our guidelines ... we will provide a new Activation Code ASAP.
  • To maintain a "reasonable" number of "crashes" ... users should always REMOVE the license if the event that will disable the license is planned. Events like this may be :
    • Transferring the software to a new PC.
    • Making any major hardware changes to the PC where the software is installed ... like replacing the hard drive.
  • If the users decides that UPGRADES we have made to the title are of interest ... UPGRADES can be purchased and upgrade charges would apply. Upgrade charges can be reviewed in our online store HERE. We maintain an UPGRADE LOG so users can review any UPGRADES we have released ... you can view that LOG HERE.