This article outlines the Kentech Inc. RETURN POLICY for all Kipware® titles so that our policy is clear and understood by potential clients prior to and after making a purchase.


It is important to us that the products our clients receive match their expectations. For this reason we offer multiple ways for clients considering a Kipware® purchase to make an educated decision. Those options include live online demonstrations where the client can see the software in action and ask questions and get answers in real time. You can explore that option here : Another option is to explore our in-depth videos available on our YouTube channel. Here is the direct link : Another option users find useful is to explore our online USER MANUAL or online VIDEO TRAINING website. The online USER MANUAL can be found here : and the online VIDEO TRAINING website can be found here :

We STRONGLY believe that an EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER. And that there is nobody that can best decide that any of our software titles are a good choice for YOU ... than YOU. The above options give YOU the opportunity to explore our software fully ... at your own pace ... without having to fumble and learn new software using crippled "trial versions". Please explore the above options fully as you make your purchase decision for any of our Kipware® titles.


  • The only acceptable reason for return is that the Kipware® title does not perform as advertised as per a review by a Kentech representative and no additional development updates, upgrades or other changes to the software are available to address any issues.
  • Valid return options do not include the clients view that value has not been met. The above options are in place to insure that the client has explored the titles in detail prior to making a purchase and we feel that these options are sufficient for the client to make a value decision.
  • Valid return options do not include the clients inability to program or operate their CNC machine. We can only supply support and assistance for our software. We cannot provide CNC programming or machine operation training. Please make certain that you have sufficient CNC and machining experiences to support the G code programming created by Kipware® conversational CAM software.
  • Return or Refund requests must be initiated within 7 days of the date of purchase. Why 7 days? Kentech Inc. has been in business since 1986 ... and we have many experiences to fall back on. In the past, unfortunately, we have had users abuse previous return policies. For example ... utilize 30 days to convert all their programs and then ask for a return / refund. Another example ... utilize our conversational programming software to create cutting programs, then ask for a refund / return. We realize not all customers will fall into this class ... but a clear return policy benefits both clients and Kentech Inc. so everyone knows where everyone stands.


If after making a purchase a client seeks a return or refund ... the first step is for a Kentech representative to initiate a review of the reason for return (RFR). A Kentech representative will make every effort to review the request and evaluate the RFR and why the client feels the software does not perform as advertised. This may involve a review via our Support Ticket System or an online meeting for evaluation. Return or Refund requests must be initiated within 7 days of the date of purchase. The Kentech representative may offer software development updates, upgrades or other changes to the software as an option to insure that the software performs as advertised. If the client does not accept the available options, returns / refunds may be declined. If the Kentech representative agrees that the title does not perform as advertised and cannot offer any software development updates, upgrades or other changes to the software to resolve the issue, the process will proceed to Step #2.


Once a Kentech representative agrees that Return / Refund is warranted, the software license must be removed by the client and a valid REMOVAL CODE provided to Kentech Inc.. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A REFUND BE INITIATED WITHOUT A VALID LICENSE REMOVAL CODE ... NO EXCEPTIONS. Users can review the complete License Removal Instructions here : If multiple Activation Codes have been provided, the user must submit REMOVAL CODES for each and all provided Activation Codes. In addition, the user also agrees to uninstall and delete all copies of the software from all devices.


Once a Kentech representative agrees that Return / Refund is warranted and a valid REMOVAL CODE has been provided, the Refund will be initiated. Funds will be refunded to the account / payment method used for the original purchase. The Refund will be initiated by Kentech Inc. within 5 business days of the completed RFR. The time line it takes for the client to receive the funds into the account / payment method depends on the processing speed of the account / payment method. Within 5 business days of the completed RFR, the client should receive notification of the refund via email from the designated account / payment method. If such notification is not received from the account / payment method provider, the client should contact the account / payment provider directly. Kentech Inc. has no control of the disbursement of funds after the refund is processed by Kentech Inc..


The following timelines are specified for Returns / Refunds :

  • Requests for Return / Refund must be initiated within 7 days of the original purchase date. Kentech Inc. believes that 7 days is sufficient for the client to review the software fully and identify any possible issues.
  • Kentech Inc. does not offer Full Refunds after 7 days.
  • Service / support fees may be deducted and effect the amount refunded at the discretion of Kentech Inc.. The most common reasons for the assesment of fees include but are not limited to intense support efforts that have been requested / provided or extended RFR submission timeline.
  • Kentech Inc. reserves the right to limit Returns / Refunds.
  • Kentech Inc. does not authorize any deviations from this stated REFUND POLICY.

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