To create and SUBMIT a NEW Support ticket ... select the TICKET TYPE from the CHOOSE YOUR TICKET FORM drop down list and select the PRODUCT SUPPORT option from the drop down list. Once the ticket form opens ... complete the fields.

Please describe the reason for your ticket in as much detail as possible in the DESCRIPTION field. The more information you provide ... the faster we can identify and address your issue. When completed ... select the SUBMIT button to have your ticket submitted to the Kentech Helpdesk. An agent will review your TICKET and issue a response as soon as possible.

Kipware® software support for out-of-warranty incidents may require additional charges. After an agent reviews your Support Ticket, additional links and information will be provided. If charges will apply and payment is required, you will be directed in the response. You can review our standard prices and purchase options through this link : Support & Training Pricing and Purchase Options 

You can create an account by clicking the SIGN UP option in top menu bar. Creating an account will allow you to track your ticket's progress and responses should you wish to go beyond the standard email replies. An account is not necessary to submit a ticket ... but is recommended if you wish to be more pro-active with your ticket status.