• Transferring a License
    • The first step is to REMOVE the existing license from the PC. See instructions below
    • Using your original installation file, install the software on the NEW PC. After installation, The first time you try to run it you will be presented with a Registration Screen that will contain the MID and SITE CODE for the NEW PC.
    • Using the link at the bottom of this page ... submit that REMOVAL CODE from the OLD PC along with the MID and SITE CODE for the NEW PC and we will issue an Activation Code for the new PC.

  • All Other
    • A removal code is required for the issuing of any new activation codes for existing seats.
    • If you cannot obtain a removal code and your purchase is older than eighteen months, upgrade charges will apply. To purchase an upgrade CLICK HERE.
    • If you cannot obtain a removal code and your purchase was less than eighteen months, complete a support ticket HERE and we will forward further instructions.

  • License Removal Instructions
    • As your software starts ... if the Registration Screen does not appear ... press any of the following keys CTRL - SCROLL Lock - SHIFT - CAPS lock... until the Registration Screen appears. This must be executed AS THE APPLICATION STARTS.
    • Select the REMOVE LICENSE option button on the Registration Form.
    • Input your existing ACTIVATION CODE.
    • Press CONTINUE
    • You will now see a screen that contains your REMOVAL CODE.
    • RECORD the REMOVAL CODE and use the link below to submit the required information.

Use the link below to submit a SUPPORT TICKET with the 

required information for Re-Activation :