All Kipware® applications are protected from copying, decompiling and unauthorized use via our software protection device.


Kentech Inc. provides two (2) seats for STANDARD PURCHASES. The software protection is tied to the hardware and some software make-up of each PC. Therefore, each PC will generate its own unique unlock information. If you intend to install an application(s) purchased on a 2nd PC ... you will need to forward the information as outlined below for each PC.

IMPORTANT : Remember that it is the clients responsibility to maintain a copy of the original installation file. Make certain to copy that file ( the file you downloaded initially ) onto an external medium in the event a re-install is required in the future. We do not and cannot supply legacy installations and UPGRADE charges will apply if you request an installation file at a future date.


To activate your software applications:


  • Install the software either from the downloaded file or from the file shipped on the CD. This will create an icon or icons on your desktop for the software application(s) you have purchased. (If you downloaded the software online we recommend copying the installation to a CD to have on hand should anything happen to your PC in the future.)


  • Once the installation is complete, start the software either by clicking on the icon for the software application you wish to open on your desktop or use the start menu and select the application.


  • A registration box will appear on your screen which will have your PC’s SITE CODE and MID number in the top section. These numbers are specific to that PC and are what we will use to generate your activation code. 

  • If your application contains multiple titles ( referred to as companion applications ), we only require the MID and SITE CODE from any ONE title. You will notice that all titles will have the same MID and SITE CODE ... and you only need to SUBMIT the MID and SITE CODE from any ONE title.

  • Please pay close ATTENTION and record the information correctly to avoid delays

    The best method is to COPY and PASTE the MID and SITE CODE to avoid incorrect data entry. 

  • Once we have generated the activation code and sent it to you, you will enter it in the Activation Code Field in this box. You will only need to do this the first time you start your application.


If this is the first time you are starting the application, you will note that there is a blue field below the activation code field that says Locked. After this initial activation this field will say Unlocked and you will only need to click the continue button to open the application.

  • You can send your information through that website at any time 24 hours as day … 7 days a week, Our Support Staff will return your email ASAP. 

 The LICENSE locks your application to your PC. In the event that the license must be transferred or moved, each license must be removed from the PC before a new Activation Code for a new PC can be issued. Each application must be running and functional in order to remove the license .... please plan accordingly.



License  Removal Instructions :


Below are the instructions for removing your LICENSE from your PC. Your current LICENSE must be removed before a new LICENSE can be issued. REMOVE the license before making any changes ... either hardware or software to the current PC. Hardware and software changes will alter the make-up of the PC and will cause the current software protection to become invalid and you will not be able to remove the license. Failure to perform the License Removal can result in additional seat charges.


DO NOT miss the step of recording the REMOVAL CODE as outlined below. Without the REMOVAL CODE we can not verify the license has been removed …without verification nothing else can be done.

(1) As your application starts, if the License window does not appear automatically, press either the SCROLL LOCK or PRINT SCREEN button.
(2) The pop-up LICENSE window will appear.
(3) Enter the previously supplied ACTIVATION CODE in the appropriate field.
(4) Check the REMOVE LICENSE option check box.
(5) Press CONTINUE.
(6) Once the LICENSE is removed, you will receive a new pop-up window that will contain the REMOVAL CODE.
(7) Forward that REMOVAL CODE and RECORD IT !!

If you are TRANSFERRING the license:

Use the Re-Activation area on the SUPPORT TICKET page of  to submit the REMOVAL CODE as well as the MID and SITE CODE for the NEW PC and we will respond with the new Activation Code.