One common installation problem is caused by the Microsoft Windows .NET framework being out of date. For some reason, Microsoft does not include the .NET Framework upgrade as part of it's Automatic Windows Upgrade. No matter how new your PC is ... the .NET required to run all Kipware® applications on your PC may be out-of-date.

How Do I Know?
If you have installed the software ... requested, received and input your Activation Code ... and when you go to start the application NOTHING happens ... just a blank screen ... YOU NEED TO UPGRADE THE .NET FRAMEWORK. Sometimes ... but rarely ... other issues have been reported where the application does run, but form load or other issues are reported by Windows. We suggest performing this UPGRADE ... it only benefits your PC for other applications ... as a first step.

How Do I Upgrade the .NET Framework?
Instructions for accomplishing this FREE and backward compatible upgrade from Microsoft is included in all download emails. In case you missed it ... here it is again :

You may need to UPGRADE the Windows .NET framework currently running on your PC ... this is FREE upgrade from Microsoft. Below is the link where you can download and install the latest .NET Version 4 framework required by this Windows application. The .NET framework is "backward compatible" which means any applications running older versions will not be effected by this upgrade.


Because of restrictions to the PC you need to operate the software under the ADMINISTRATOR protocol. To activate the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR for Kipware app's ... perform the following :

(1) Hover the mouse over the desktop icon for the Kipware application.

(2) RIGHT click the mouse to activate the small menu as illustrated in the image below.