Below are some common installation instructions for installations delivered via download :

  • Downloaded installation files are complete installations ... the same files we would place on a CD if you ordered delivery via a CD. These installation files do not require an internet connection to run ... the connection is only needed to retrieve the file from our website.
  • Installation files should not be RUN from the Windows prompt during download ... but should be downloaded to the PC and saved in an area where they can be recovered once the download is complete. The easiest method is to save the file to your Desktop.
  • After the file is completely downloaded ... the first thing to do is to copy and save the file to either a CD or memory stick or some exterior medium ... for back-up purposes. This way if the PC "crashes", you can use that exterior medium to retrieve the installation file and re-install the software.
  • Clients are responsible to maintain a copy of the installation file for future back-up, installation purposes. We deliver hundreds of installation a month and cannot maintain copies of installation files ... files that may have been downloaded years ago. Again, it is the clients responsibility to maintain a copy of the installation file for future back-up, installation purposes. If you lose the installation file and request another from us at a later date ... the only thing we can provide is an installation file for the current version of the software ... and an UPGRADE charge will apply.
  • Once the file is downloaded and a back-up created ... you can now RUN the installation file to install the software. If the PC that was used for the download is where you wish to install the software ... simply RUN the downloaded file and the software will install. If you wish to install the software on a PC other than the one where the download took place, use the CD or memory stick to copy and move the installation file to that PC ... and then RUN the installation file there.
  • All Kipware® applications use a software protection to guard against unauthorized duplication or distribution. After installation, the first time you attempt to run any of the applications that make up your Kipware® package, you will be presented with a Registration Screen. That screen will contain an MID and SITE CODE. Kentech requires this MID and SITE CODE ... which is unique for every PC ... to generate an Activation Code to unlock the software for use on that PC. You should consult the ACTIVATION CODE AND PASSWORD INSTRUCTIONS PDF that was included as an attachment with your original download email. Users can use the link below to SUBMIT their MID and SITE CODE to receive an Activation Code :