We cannot stress enough that it is the responsibility of the user to maintain the Kipware® license. The LICENSE is identical to a hardware lock or hasp ... think what would happen if you lost your CAD/CAM hardware key. It's the same thing.

The main maintenance task is REMOVING the license prior to upgrading major hardware / software on the PC on which it is installed. Scenarios covered in this Knowledgebase Article :

  1. The PC has failed / crashed and now the software has been installed on a new PC ... the previous LICENSE was NOT REMOVED and no REMOVAL CODE can be obtained.
  2. You have replaced major hardware or software on the PC without REMOVING the LICENSE first.

Unlocking your Kipware® software to operate on the PC under any of the above scenarios will require a new ACTIVATION CODE. The ACTIVATION CODE originally supplied was based on the hardware / software make-up of the PC on which it was installed. The PC make-up is now different ... or the entire PC is different and thus the original ACTIVATION CODE is not valid.

Steps to Resolve the Above Situations :

  1. Submit a SUPPORT TICKET describing the scenario under which the license has become invalid.
  2. Our SUPPORT STAFF will review the Ticket and forward additional options to resolve the situation.

Possible Charges That May Apply :

  1. If the software is over (2) years old ... the recommended scenario is to purchase an UPGRADE to the latest version. This will enable you to use the latest versions of the software and all companion applications ... and will provide you with (2) new seats. UPGRADE pricing can be reviewed here : UPGRADE
  2. If this request has been made multiple times in the past ... or the software is being used in an unstable environment ... ACTIVATION INSURANCE is available. Pricing information is available here : Activation Insurance
  3. If our Support Staff deems that the scenario exists due to total user disregard by the user for our software protection policy ... ADDITIONAL SEAT or UPGRADE charges may apply. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the Kipware® license.

The first best step is always to SUBMIT a Support Ticket and outline the scenario under which the license has become invalid.