Below is information that pertain to a situation where the PC where your Kipware® software was installed has "crashed". Below are some FAQ's that apply to this type of situation :

  1. We allow for ONLY ONE PC "crash" per year. You should insure the software is installed on a stable PC in a stable environment.
  2. The Activation Code is tied to the hardware and some major software on the PC where it is installed.
  3. First ... Any Activation Code previously supplied will not work on another PC ... it will only work on the PC for which it was originally supplied.
  4. If you have made major hardware or software changes to the PC ... for example, replaced the hard drive ... the previously supplied Activation Code will no longer work ... you will need a NEW Activation Code.

Below are instructions to get your Kipware® software back up and running :

  1. Create a SUPPORT TICKET through the Support Ticket System ... if applicable, Kentech Inc. Support will supply a REMOVAL CODE.
  2. You will then need to INSTALL the software on the new or revised PC.
  3. Clients are responsible to maintain a copy of the original installation file ... whether downloaded or supplied on a CD. If you do not have the original installation file ... UPGRADE charges will apply to obtain a NEW installation file ... which would be for the latest version of the title(s).
  4. INSTALL the software.
  5. Once installed ... the first time you try to run any of the titles you will be presented with the Registration Screen ... that contains your PC's unique MID and SITE CODE.
  6. Using the link below ... SUBMIT that MID and SITE CODE along with the REMOVAL CODE obtained from Kentech Inc. to obtain a NEW Activation Code.
  7. CLICK here to jump to the Re-Activation Form